Balance Transfer

Balance Transfer

By taking advantage of a balance transfer with a 0% intro APR or low interest, you can eliminate any credit cards with high interest rates. This enables you to move, for example, a 15% high interest rate to a 0% interest rate, thus making it much easier to pay off the principal balance on your credit card. It is typical for the 0% APR on the balance transfers to last anywhere from 12 to 21 months, depending on the credit card. Balance transfers do offer rebates, rewards, cash back, higher credit limits, and even enticing free benefits. These perks become hard to live without, especially when purchasing or if you like to travel. Apply for these credit card applications online is easy and within 30 seconds you will have an answer.

Balance Transfer

Balance Transfer

What do I need to know about any balance transfer card?

Using a calculator will determine if it makes sense to use a balance transfer card. By figuring out the savings you could be saving yourself several hundreds, if not more, in the process. Ending a high interest rate card will definitely help get your debt paid down even faster. It’s nice to know that there are several 0% balance transfer cards to work with. Before doing any kind of balance transfers, make sure what type of fees are involved. This way you will be able to take into account for that expense too! It is always nice to consolidate and make the credit transfer an easy process for all concerned.

They do offer great promotional deals, because they want your business. Besides, it helps you too! The main goal with any ballance transfer card is to get your card paid down or off faster and protect your credit. We all find ourselves with high expenses or an emergency comes up sometimes, many balance transfer cards will even directly transfer money into your bank account or send you a check. It is a good rule of thumb to always transfer the highest amount of debt from your old card to your new one.

Working with numerous credit cards these are good choices to use: Discover More, Amex Platinum, Iberia, or any of the Orchard credit cards offer balance transfers wth little fees (3%) or no fees depending on the card. With a 0% balance transfer you have versatility when using these types of cards. Looking to buy a big ticket item, then this would be a good solution. With 0% APR for 6 to 12 months it’s easy to get that purchase paid off in a timely manner. Be sure and read the terms and conditions.

With any balance transfers maybe you are looking to go on that fabulous trip that you have always wanted to go on. Clearing up old debt makes it possible with these types of cards. How about an exotic trip to some Asia hotel, or if that isn’t something your looking for than staying at some beautiful Singapore properties, the world becomes your oyster when you get debt paid off. Did you know that the World bank has noted that Singapore is one of the easiest places to do any type of business? Just a thought! Clear up that debt with a balance transfer and start enjoying some great moments in your life.

Some transfer balance cards offer no fees, while others might have fees, most are capped between $50.00 to $75.00 dollars. Keep in mind that monitoring your credit card bills is important, because it takes up to about 30 days for any balance transfers to clear the banks. Your old higher interest rate card will likely accrue interest until your balance transfer card goes into effect. Always look for low apr as much as possible if you can’t get the 0% APR, that would be the best solution for any credit card balance transfer options.

Features of the 0% balance transfer:

  • No annual fee or often waived for first year
  • Offering 0% APR for first 14, 18, months
  • Pay off high balances with a 0% Intro APR

Check it out and apply for a one of these balance transfers, it just might save you lots of money!


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